What Makes a Successful Team? The Google Approach 

In any business, teamwork is the key to success. But what exactly makes a team successful? Google has delved deep into this question, and their research reveals some valuable insights into how you can create a more effective and productive work environment. 


One standout discovery from Google’s research is the concept of psychological safety. It’s all about creating an environment where team members feel safe to take risks and be vulnerable in front of each other.

When this sense of psychological safety exists, team members become more open to sharing ideas, seeking help, and giving and receiving feedback. The result? Better decision-making, increased innovation, and improved problem-solving. 


Four critical factors for successful teams: 


  1. Dependability: Team members can trust each other to keep their commitments and complete their work to a high standard.


  1. Structure and Clarity: Team members have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities, and they all share a common understanding of the team’s goals.


  1. Meaning: Team members are passionate about their work, and they feel that their contributions are meaningful.


  1. Impact: Team members see the impact of their work on the business and believe that their efforts make a difference.


While all four factors are important, Google’s research underscores that psychological safety stands out as the most crucial factor. Even if a team is lacking in one or more of the other four areas, a psychologically safe environment can lead to success. 


How Your business Can foster a more psychologically safe space for your teams  


Here are some down-to-earth tips: 


  1. Embrace Risk-Taking and Idea Sharing: Cultivate a culture where making mistakes is acceptable, and where team members are recogniszed for their creativity and innovation.


  1. Encourage Open Communication: Create an atmosphere where team members feel at ease sharing their thoughts and ideas, even if they differ from the majority opinion.


  1. Establish a Constructive Feedback Environment: Provide a safe space for team members to give and receive feedback. Make sure the feedback is constructive, respectful, and geared toward helping team members improve.


  1. Celebrate Wins and Learn from Losses: Recognize successes to make team members feel valued and appreciated. Also, learn from failures to help team members improve their performance.


By following these tips, businesses can cultivate a psychologically safe environment for their teams. The rewards are numerous, including increased productivity, better decision-making, enhanced innovation, and improved employee morale. So, why not harness the power of psychological safety to elevate your team’s success? 


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