Twitters project lightning for live events coverage

There have recently been too many changes to Twitter which seem to solely benefit advertisers and make twitter money. They seem not to have been created with the everyday user in mind. So the latest proposal by twitter will hopefully benefit most.

Twitter is starting on project lightning which they are hoping will encourage users to go to them for all the latest news. Twitter will showcase news about live events in a user friendly way. On the mobile app, a lightning sign will be available on your twitter home page. When you click on it you will be taken to a list of live events. The events will then be showcased in a string of images, tweets and videos. The sorts of events which will be covered include sports events such as the Olympics or breaking news stories from around the globe.


Twitter have said that rather than using algorithms, a specially selected editorial team will be putting together collections of tweets, images and videos for each event. The collections which represent these events will be displayed as full screen and users can swipe through the timeline. You will also see Vines and Periscope videos as part of the collections. At present there is no way to see the best, most informative and accurate information about an event. You can view the most popular tweets or the most recent, which won’t necessarily be the most useful or interesting. You cannot easily at present see information in a timely manner, meaning you may not get the full picture.


Twitter hope this new feature will pull in new users. It is not expected to be live for a few months still and the editorial team have said initially there will be seven to ten events posted per day.