Improve your campaigns using Facebook Insights and Twitter analytics

If you are not already using analytics tools for your social media, you may find you can improve all of your campaigns just by taking a look at how you are currently fairing. You can quickly find what works well and what doesn’t. This will help you to plan more effective campaigns in the future.

Twitter analytics

You can start with an overall summary, showing the number of tweets, tweet impressions, profile visits and mentions over the last month. You can see instantly if this is up or down from the previous month.

If you take a look at the followers tab, you can see a breakdown of information about your followers. Stats such as gender, location and interests are available for your audience. You can then use this information to correctly tailor your future tweets. By viewing the top interests of your followers, you can try and encourage more engagements with them by targeting their interests.
The Tweets tab shows your tweet activity. You can use this to view your top tweets. You may see patterns, such as tweets with a photo gain more engagement. Look for patterns in your top tweets to help you plan effective campaigns in the future.

Facebook insights

Every admin of a Facebook account has access to insights via the insights tab, after a page has at least 30 likes. You can from here analyse your posts and likes to drive campaigns to be more successful.
When you first access insights, you will see a graph which gives basic information such as reach and likes. You can explore different avenues to give a wide range of statistics which you can use to improve your Facebook presence.

The information which you can access includes –
Likes – Shows the number of likes and un-likes that you have had
Posts – Gives valuable data about all your individual posts. Lists interactions such as shares and likes. This will help you to discover your most successful and unsuccessful posts, enabling you to improve future posts to encourage engagement.
People – Shows you a breakdown of information to help you to get to know who your audience are. You can get information such as age and location. Use this to target your posts effectively.
Reach – Allows you to learn how many people saw your post and how many people liked it and engaged with it.
Using this information will enable you to determine the best time of day or day of the week to post and the type of content that works for your target audience.

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