Top 5 Ad Extensions You Should Be Using

Paid search (PPC) is a significant driver of traffic when paired with SEO and should be utilised to it’s full potential so that you can reap the full advantages of your Google ads. Creating and maintaining a brand is a large part of marketing and online presence, so it’s surprising how many people forget to implement these 5 simple Adwords extensions to their ads!

Adwords is constantly changing and adding additional features to help improve ads with no additional cost to the user that will positively affect the performance of your ads. The more ad extensions you have, the more text your ad will have to entice potential customers to click through!

Phone Extensions

Adwords extensions enable you to add additional information to your ads. Enabling phone extensions on your ads means that your ad will show your primary contact number, which users can contact you directly on. Having a phone number clearly available on your ad makes the experience more personal for the potential customers as they know they can contact you easily with any queries they may have.


Sitelinks allow you to add additional links to your ad that potential customers may be interested in. You can choose these links when setting up ad extensions so they can be to any page you like, whether that be your About Us page or one of your social media profiles. Ideally, sitelinks should take the user to the pages that they can convert on rather than pages such as blog posts and testimonials.

Social Extensions

Social extensions enable you to show potential customers how large your social following is; having a large social following is perceived that the business is trusted and has a loyal customer base. However, if you have a very limited social following, we recommend that you do not use social extensions as it many look unprofessional to have a poor social following.


Callouts are short sentences of additional descriptive text that should contain your USP (unique selling points) or USPs that you feel potential customers could be interested in/searching for. For example, a gardening maintenance company could have callouts such as ‘Get a free quote’, ‘Free stump removal’, ‘Weekend appointments available’.

Having callouts on your ads brings additional value and relevancy to what the user is searching for which makes your ads authority over your competitors.


Obtaining reviews is a great way of promoting your services and getting feedback from real life customers, you should always be actively asking loyal customers to leave feedback on your services and products. It is wildly common that before purchasing goods or hiring a service, people look up reviews on the business to see whether or not they can be trusted. If your competitor has no reviews or several bad reviews, you are one step ahead and this will look very good to potential customers. Adding reviews to your Adwords ads can be very beneficial as seeing positive reviews alongside your ads will help build your brand.

Adding these 5 ad extensions could result in positive uplifts in your PPC campaigns, as well as making the experience more personal for the user. With a variety of different ad extensions to choose from, you are getting your information out there to potential customers who otherwise may not have clicked through.

If you’re considering running a PPC campaign but are unsure where to start, get in touch with the Adwords trained experts at In Front Digital to discuss your requirements and start your journey with paid search.