The “RankBrain” Algorithm

In a series and waves of fresh algorithm changes from Google, we decode and look into the latest one.

Most people are well aware of how Google deals with search queries that it is familiar with, but when it comes to queries it does not recognise (including those entered for the first time) the process is not so clear. This is where RankBrain comes into effect.

Despite what you may think, and of all the things searched each day, nearly a fifth of all queries are new and so these are dealt with in a different way.

The main comparison between RankBrain and other algorithms is the ability to predict or try and second guess what the user is looking for when it enters an unfamiliar term. This is actually very clever and is all part of Google’s quest to give the user more accurate, relevant and helpful results.

To put this into practice, we have made our own example. We have asked the question in Google “how old is beckham’s wife?”(notice there is no reference to David or Victoria here.) Google immediately recognises what we are trying to ask, as it comes up with the following:

Bear in mind that the RankBrain is one of a number of factors ‘looked at’ when consideration is given to how search results are displayed, but reports suggest that it is now within the top 3 factors and has become more prominent as time has gone on. Whilst this feature operates seemingly in the background, it is constantly being updated and further refined to give an even better experience.

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