The popularity of “rich answer” results

Before we get onto talking about the popularity of rich answer results it is worth explaining what they are as many people either:

* Simply do not know, or,

* Have seen it but were unaware it was rich answer.

Rich answer is that box that appears at the top of the Google search page when you are asking something specific. The idea and aim is that it gives you an answer (the best answer?) by displaying it in the search results page without you having to more away from the search engine to an external site.


If we type into Google “how to wrap a present” the following appears:


The rich answer is the text displayed as points 1 to 8.

The benefit of rich answers is obvious given what we have explained above, therefore it is not surprising that usage and demand of this feature is on the rise. A company called Stone Temple Consulting has done some research on this (see: ) and found some truly amazing results. Searches giving rich answers that contain (1) a link, (2) text and (3) content have increased dramatically. Answers which give an image as part of the rich answer are also up.

Infact as the precise figures show growth of these answers are up from 22.6% to 31.2% in a 7 month period.    

It is without doubt that due to impressive results, popularity and user friendly characteristics, rich answers are here to stay and their presence will only increase.

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