The new Features coming to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is set to introduce a number of new features to its platform, designed to yield better return on investment and improve marketing decisions. These key features will be:

  • smart insights that utilise machine learning to recognise trends
  • customer-focused data measurement
  • further google ads integration


Smarter Insights

With the introduction of smarter insights, Google Analytics is able to notify marketers of any important data trends, made possible through the use of Google’s pre-existing machine learning models. These new capabilities will help platform users to better tailor their marketing efforts by more accurately predicting the future actions that potential customers are likely to take.
This new smarter insights feature is able to accurately calculate churn probability, helping users to invest more efficiently in retaining their customer base at a time where marketing budgets are under greater pressure.


Customer-Focused Data

Google Analytics has moved away from the use of data measurement fragmented by either platform or device to instead favour customer-focused measurement. This is a change designed to provide platform users with a more in-depth view of how potential customers are seen to interact with their business. The introduction of customer-focused data will allow for marketers to gain a better understanding of the customer lifecycle on a whole; from an individual’s first interaction with the business, down to conversion and retention.


Further Google Ads Integration

Through the addition of further Google Ads integration to the platform, Google Analytics is able to record customer interactions across both the web and apps alike, meaning conversions such as engaged views across YouTube are able to be measured both on the web and in-app platforms. This change will work to provide marketers with a more rounded view of their return on investment.


To conclude, the introduction of these new changes to Google Analytics will allow platform users to gain better insights on their marketing efforts, also helping to improve future marketing decisions. To learn more about how you can be using Google Analytics to improve your business’ return on investment, check out our Google Analytics consultation services and discover what our experts can do to help.