The introduction of ‘Shoppable Ads’ on Google Images

Google recently revealed that they plan to implement a new way for users to promote their products within the Google Images search results. The new ad formatting will allow retailers to highlight multiple products within a singular ad unit, behaving in a similar way to the shoppable pins that can be found on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest.
Shoppable ads will appear with a ‘sponsored’ label accompaniment, as well as a tag icon that reveals pricing of products, along with brand name and other important information, when interacted with. From here, users are able to click on the listed products to visit the respective page and complete a purchase.
These new ads are currently being tested on Google Images with select retailers across a small percentage of traffic. Google are intending to release this ad unit to both more categories and retailers within the following months

The Google team are also beginning to implement ‘Showcase Shopping Ads’ to our image search results.
As it was recently found that an increasing number of consumers turn to Google Images for inspiration, and around half of online shoppers are inspired to make a purchase from images of a product alone, it makes sense that this integration is taking place; allowing retailers further opportunity to advertise their products to potential customers.

To conclude, the introduction of this new ad formatting is set to introduce new strategies into the field of online marketing, creating new possibilities for businesses to get in front of consumers across multiple touchpoints. To find out more about the techniques involved with digital marketing, visit our dedicated PPC page and discover what we can do to increase your business performance.