The Google Ads App can now create more Ad Types on the Go

It was recently revealed by the Google team that the Google Ads app is to undergo multiple updates that will allow the platform to assist with the creation of more ad types and manage a wider variety of campaigns.
A list of all the announced changes can be found below.

Google Maps

New capabilities in Google Maps are set to allow businesses to serve Ads across a wider variety of places. Businesses will be able to promote their locations when potential customers are navigating along their route. Ads will also appear in the search results of Google Maps; the placement of such ads will be based upon factors such as the area of the map being viewed by the users, as well as their previous searches.

Local Campaigns

Small businesses and advertisers using the Google Ads platform will now be able to utilise local campaigns despite whether they have store visits management enabled or not. Ads within Local campaigns will also be enhanced by the Google team as to assist businesses in highlighting offers and other product information.

Responsive Search Ads

Finally, advertisers on the Ads platform will now be able to create, and adjust, Responsive Search Ad Campaigns straight from the Google Ads Mobile App, allowing for the production of headlines, bids, and budgets directly from your phone. New notifications and recommendations will also allow for users to pause poorly performing keywords, opt into the use of smart bidding strategies, and add in new keywords to either the targeted or negative keyword lists. The application will also be able to send notifications on new possibilities to improve campaign performance across any and all accounts.

These updates show great improvement in the capabilities of the Google Ads app, making it easier for advertisers to create and update their campaigns on the go.