Study finds 1 in 3 business owners don’t know how Google search rankings work

A recent study, (conducted by Fractl,) has found that there is quite a dramatic gap in the understanding around the workings of Google’s page rankings and SEO in general.


What did the study find?

900 people, (394 of which were business owners,) were surveyed on the topic of SEO and Google rankings. Whilst the business owners did have a more rounded experience and knowledge of SEO when compared to those who didn’t own a business, there was still plenty of room for improvement, with one in three business owners having little to no knowledge of how Google ranks pages.

The study also found that almost one in four business owners, along with two in five non business owners do not have a basic understanding of SEO.


What does this mean?

Despite what the study may imply, business owners are not negligent towards SEO. Infact, around 70% of business owners are aware of the importance SEO can have upon their business.

The results of the survey simply displays that there is always room to grow in understanding of SEO and Google’s ranking of pages.

This is of course, very lucrative knowledge and understanding how to implement it into your online presence will always be beneficial for you and your business.


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