Still use the Google My Business app? This is a must read!

This article is for anyone who has or uses a Google My Business account and has been using the app to manage the profile or make changes / updates. You may have noticed that the app doesn’t work (or soon will not,) and this is because it is in the process of ceasing to exist. Our latest article takes a closer look at this and why it has been shut down.

First you have heard about this?

The original announcement that the Google My Business app was closing down was first communicated in November 2021 when Google My Business was rebranded to Google Business. It would then follow that the app still having the ‘my business’ name in it, would naturally be retired off as part of this rebranding and restructuring.

Have you checked your email?

Google have emailed all businesses informing them that the Google My Business app will be closed down during July 2022. If someone has not previously heard about any announcements before, this email acts as a final notification of the intention to retire this app.

What should I do now and instead?

Google have told businesses to now manage their profiles in either the Google Search Console or the maps app. The operation mechanism on each of these platforms allows users to view statistics, engage with customers and manage the actual profile of the company. In addition to this, the Google Maps App allows for notifications to be received directly, so it is important businesses download the app and follow the instructions in order to be able to benefit from this feature.

Why does this change matter and why should I take notice?

Your Google Business profile is one of the most important features of your business. It allows you to reach and communicate with your audience. It is therefore imperative that this is regularly kept up to date to ensure that no opportunities are missed. If you are using an out-of-date app that is no longer working, it is impossible to do this and it would mean you are missing out on a vital share of your target audience. It can be hard to leave something which you have got used to using and it can seem difficult to get used to a new platform and new way of working. Ensuring this is done as soon as possible can not only get it out of the way but can also mean that your business does not suffer – something which must be the ultimate goal.

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