Social media – where to begin?

The above is certainly a valid question. There are so many social platforms out there that how can you know which one to choose? Well in this post we will try and give you some pointers to make that decision a little easier.

1) The first point is to know your business: that is its demands and needs. It goes without saying that everyone will be different and so it’s likely that the small variations between each of the social platforms will benefit your area in different ways. For example if your business focuses on the younger generation that it is more likely that platforms such as Snapchat or Instagram could be of greater relevance since these are popular among this group. On the other hand Facebook and Twitter might be preferred as established and ‘household’ platforms if your target audience has more cautious clientele.

2) Do your homework.

By this we mean look at some of the competitors in your field and see what they are doing. When it comes to moving forward and making progress this is probably a good idea all round, as it allows you to follow and keep up to date with changes and ensures that you don’t get left behind. In terms of social media, it allows you to see what others are doing and how they are engaging with their audience. More importantly it also allows you to see if it is working which is the ultimate aim!

3) Look at data.

In a world of Google Analytics and the like, most websites owners and businesses have some form of ‘tracking software’ to see where their traffic has come from, what conversions they have achieved etc. As part of this, it can also be seen which social mediums were most popular and where traffic and conversions have come from in direct relation to these.

Be generalised in your approach here. Don’t just take a week or a month and use that as evidence for your decision. For example seasonality might play a part – are certain times of the year more popular than others? Factors such as these all play into the overall results.

4) Carry out your own research.

Ask people and ask your clients directly! The point is sometimes so obvious it is often missed. If a lot of your clients seem to favour one medium then this would obviously be your preferred platform for communicating with them. From a ‘word of mouth’ angle it also makes sense because it’s likely that you may then receive referrals through them on that same social platform.

Another way you can find out the answer to this is by creating a survey or questionnaire – do this periodically to check whether attitudes and trends have changed.

5) The answer?

Well as mentioned at the start it does all depend but a few things are clear.

* Whatever is popular now use that and work from there. You can always refine, reposition and expand as you go along.

* Keep open to the idea of any new social platforms which emerge, but take time to do research on these.

* Follow your customers and clients. You can’t possibly go wrong then!

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