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Social Media Management

Why does my business need Social Media Management?

Hassle Free Management

Our hassle free social media marketing and management services take the stress away of managing your social platforms, as we deal with the entire process. Having a dedicated team of social media experts who have many years’ experience in managing social media campaigns, is invaluable as we can help post, engage and interact with your customers and potential customers. We contact you with performance updates on a monthly basis.

Grow your social following

To be heard, you need an audience that will listen. Using our proven engagement methods we will follow and engage with relevant authority users to form important relationships and increase your social following and standing. The greater your social following, the more likely it is that this will drive more social traffic to your site and ultimately drive more leads.

Increase brand awareness

By contributing in discussions on the latest trends across all social channels and forming relationships with other brands and users, our social media management techniques will help gain trust in your brand and help your brand influence within your industry.

Indirectly increase organic rankings

With Google counting social signals as a vote of confidence for your site, means it is important that you engage and make the most of your social activity in order to help your organic (search) presence.


Reasons to choose In Front Digital as your Social Media Management Company

  • Our Social Media management experts have a high level of knowledge of all the main social media platforms

  • We advise you on realistic and achievable goals for your social media strategy

  • Monthly update on the progress we have achieved and strategies used from the first month of management

  • Experienced in optimising social profiles for optimum user experience and ranking benefits

  • In-depth analysis of your competitors’ social media profiles to find out how you can compete

  • Experience in setting up a large variety of social campaigns for different industries

Social Media Management: The Process

Goal creation

Before we start managing your social channels we like to speak with our clients to understand their business requirements and goals. From this we will set KPIs for the project and a tailored Social media management plan. It is at this stage where we will discuss what you want to achieve with your social media campaign i.e more sales/leads, engagement, followers, URL shares etc

Audience engagement

A large part of social media management is responding to your audience and joining in relevant conversations where possible to form a persona for your brand, as well as forming relationships with current and potential customers. Engaging with your audience will enhance the trust in your brand and our proactive responding means you’ll never miss a question or query again!

Content sharing

Once we have decided on what your desired outcome of your social media campaign is, we can start sharing content and other relevant material on your channels. To do this, we will share media to your users. We also offer a content development service which means we can work on creating these for you. During this phase we will manage all your social platforms and populate your profiles with engaging material that your followers would share with the aim of gaining more followers, all approved by you.

Monthly reporting

At the end of each month of social media management we will provide you with a report that will detail progress that has been achieved, what actions were taken to achieve the results and easy to understand metrics to see how you have improved.

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