Social advertising through Facebook Platform

Social Media Advertising

How can social media advertising work for my business?

Advanced Targeting

With the latest advances in social media advertising you can target specific groups of people to ensure that you get the most out of your budget by reaching people who are likely to be interested in your advertisement. Many social networking sites enable you to target people by their interests, their behaviour (such as purchase behaviour and device preference), custom targeting (such as email addresses and usernames) and users who are similar to those that follow you.

Increased Reach

Social media advertising campaign give you a much wider reach than purely posting to your followers alone. Targeting people via interests, for example, puts you in front of a large group of people all interested in topics similar to what you are offering. It can be hard to get your content and business message seen if you have a small audience; social media advertising removes that barrier!

Track Your Return

With the introduction of advanced targeting in social media advertising, conversion tracking has also been integrated to make it easy to justify your ad spend and see how well your ads are performing. By implementing a snippet of code onto your website you can track whether or not a click from an ad leads to a conversion, whether that be an enquiry, download or purchase.

Immediate Results

Many social media advertising platforms offer immediate results so you can see how well your advertising campaign is performing as soon as it is set LIVE. This is especially effective for webmasters who do not have a large advertising budget, want to reduce cost and want to see how your customers are engaging with your ad.


Reasons to choose In Front Digital as your Social Media Advertising Company

  • Our Social Media experts have years of experience working with all the main social media advertising platforms

  • We advise you on realistic and achievable goals for your social media strategy

  • We will send you a monthly update on the progress we have achieved and the strategies used from the first month of management

  • Experienced in optimising social media ads for improved engagement and ROI

  • In-depth analysis of your competitors’ social media profiles and advertising strategy to find out how you can compete

  • Experience in managing and setting up social media advertising campaigns for different industries

Social Media Advertising: Where Should I Advertise?

Which social platform is for me?

The three main social channels to consider for most campaigns are Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. These have the best advertising platforms. Deciding on which advertising platform to choose is dependent on what you are trying to achieve, what your end goal is and who your target audience are. This decision should be made early on in the social media advertising strategy so budget is not wasted targeting the wrong people. We will help you to do this!


Facebook offer a social media advertising platform which enables you to create ads to encourage users to do your desired action. You can create simple ads that are purely to encourage users to like your business page or you can create a more advanced ad if your end goal is for more users to visit your website. You can build your ads to be as laser-guided as you like, by choosing your target audience location, demographics (such as age and whether or not the user is already following your business page) and how much you are willing to pay per day.


Twitter ads are for those who want to improve their Twitter presence by getting their tweets in front of a wider audience and encouraging more people to follow your Twitter page. Prices for Twitter ads can vary between getting shown in the ‘Who to follow’ box or having your promoted tweets displayed. Twitter ads are an effective tool to target users who follow specific accounts, are engaging with certain trends and you only pay for new followers! Twitter also has dedicated account managers who offer support to businesses who are running their first advertising campaign.


LinkedIn offers effective advertising opportunities to B2B marketers that want to promote their products and services that are available to other businesses. LinkedIn’s primary demographic is working professionals so if you are a business selling custom clothing this would not be the right social media advertising platform for you. There are multiple targeting options within LinkedIn advertising that can ensure you are in front of the right audience, such as: location, job title, skills and company name.

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