Snapchat plans to Globally introduce Dynamic Ads to their platform

Snapchat has recently announced that the dynamic ads features on their platform are set to be made available to advertisers worldwide, after beta testing was successful across the US and the UK. Snapchat has been trialling their dynamic ads across the UK with brands such as Topshop and Adidas, alongside agency partnerships with Brainlabs,, and 4C.


What Are Dynamic Ads?

Dynamic ads can be defined as a personalised display unit, and are an advertising feature that has already been available on other platforms such as Facebook and Google for a number of years. Powered through use of an uploaded product feed, dynamic ads allow for ads to show products to users of the Snapchat platform based upon the criteria that the media buyer opts for.

Dynamic ads are commonly used in remarketing campaigns to show users the products that they viewed but did not purchase previously.


Benefits of Snap’s Dynamic Ads

One of the tougher aspects of utilising dynamic ads on platforms such as Snapchat and TikTok is that user generated videos have to conform to a very specific style.

Ads generally hold better performance rates when they look native to the social platform that they are running on, however, this creates more work for the advertisers wanting to use them. Instead of making just one version of a video to run across all platforms, advertisers will be required to make slight amendments to the scale and formatting of their advertisements to suit each individual platform. Snapchat provides templates to advertisers that help to save time when producing such videos, making products easier to display in a way that looks native to the platform.


Overall, the global introduction of dynamic ads to Snapchat’s platform should work to make the app more accessible to advertisers, beta testing in the UK and US previously proving a big success for Snapchat and its users.


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