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Keyword Research & Analysis

Why Do You Need Keyword Research?

Increase Rankings

Improve the relevancy and keyword density of your pages by optimising your pages for priority terms in your sector that you want to be found for. By identifying relevant key terms for your business and sector you can compete with your closest competitors in the search results and produce more relevant content for searches made by potential customers.

Overtake Competitors

Keyword research can help you to identify areas of improvement to put you ahead of competitors and become an authority in your sector. Discover areas which your competitor’s are lacking in and create high quality content to make you a ‘go-to’ source of information.

Discover Keyword Markets

By identifying the main products and services you offer, further in depth analysis using third party tools can open you up to potential keyword opportunities that you may be missing. Knowing your audience is essential in business and once you know what your ideal customer is searching for, that gives you a great starting point to make your site friendly for users and search engines.

Discover Local SEO Terms

If you are a small local business with a singular location or a large company with many branches located internationally, increasing local visibility for each branch is essential to rank locally. Keyword research can help you discover local SEO keywords which your local customers are searching for, making it easier to bring in more potential customers to each individual branch.


Reasons to use In Front Digital as your Keyword Research Agency

  • In depth analysis of your sector and competitors

  • Honest, friendly and realistic analysis team

  • On going SEO management packages available

  • Google Partner certified agency - we adhere to Google's stringent best practices

  • Over 25 years commercial experience

  • We have a history of excellent results. Take a look at our SEO & PPC case studies.

Keyword Research & Analysis: The Process

Competitor Research

The initial keyword research process requires analysis of your immediate competitors that are ranking for keywords similar to your services and products. With this information, we can discover areas of strengths and weaknesses in your competitor’s online presence that you can use to improve your own!

Business Needs & Market Research

In depth research of your sector is required to fully understand the services and products you offer. We work with a large variety of clients in different sectors and make it our mission to understand their values, industry terminology and customer profiles to get the most out of their search presence and identify opportunities for them in the online world.

Consumer Research

We will work alongside you to form a picture of your ideal customer or user persona and then use this information to find the most relevant and searched for terms for your business. During the keyword research process we will keep your business goals and priority products/services in mind to compile a list of thoroughly analysed keywords that will aid your search marketing performance.

Third Party Tools

We will use third party tools including Google Keyword Planner to compile a strong list of keywords to help you target your ideal customers. The decision process will be dependent on your core services and any specific service/product you want to push.

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