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International SEO

Why Do You Need International SEO?

Incorrect Pages Serving in Google

Are your webpages appearing in the search results to the wrong users? If your English pages are appearing to German speaking users instead of your German pages, this is a sign that you may need international SEO guidance.

Losing Ranking Positions

If you’re finding that your rankings in Google are slipping for each of your territories, it is highly likely that you are not abiding by SEO best practices. Good rankings are essential if you want to be found by prospective customers with the right site showing!

Losing Quality Leads

Does your site have a high bounce rate and visits aren’t resulting in enquiries? If a user clicks through to your site and it does not fit their requirements i.e. shipping restrictions, language etc. then they will leave your site without enquiring. You could be losing quality leads and harming your SEO positions because you do not cater for your target audience correctly.

Language Barriers

If you are an international company, you cannot assume that all your site visitors are fluent in English. You could be missing out on a large percentage of visitors by not catering for their native language. International SEO can help transform your site to serve the correct version of your site and your content, to the correct audience each time.


Reasons to use In Front Digital as your International SEO agency

  • In depth analysis of global sectors and competitors

  • Honest, friendly and realistic SEO team

  • Set up and on-going maintenance packages available

  • Google Partner certified agency - we adhere to Google's stringent best practices

  • Our SEO Experts have been getting sites to the first page of Google for over a decade

  • We have a history of excellent results. Take a look at our SEO case studies.

International SEO: Best Practices

Multi-lingual domains

It is best practice that if you are a worldwide company targeting many individual countries, that you have a country code top level domain i.e. rather than, if you are targeting users in France. By having a country coded domain this enables users and search engines to easily define what country or territory the site is targeting. There are work arounds for subdomain and sub folder approaches.

Geographic targeting

We will work alongside you and your developer to define priority territories that you would like to geotarget and help you localise your content for each specific location. This will include geographically correct addresses, contacts and currencies for each domain. Building relevant off page markers and setting country targets in Google.

Implementation errors

Once set up we will give you advice on how to fix any implementation errors that may arise after set up. This will ensure your international SEO performance will continue to thrive after the set up phase.

Sitemaps and landing pages

Each territory domain should have its own sitemap and localised landing pages. We will help you set this up so all the important pages on your domains are able to be crawled and indexed by Google.

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