Google Tag Manager Set Up

Why Do You Need Google Tag Manager Set Up?

Save money on developer costs

Once we have set up Google Tag Manager, we will send the code to you or your developer to implement into the html code of your website. Once this code is correctly implemented, we won’t have to hassle you with further changes as we can change what the code tracks from the Google Tag manager interface! Google Analytics can be tracked via a tag in Tag Manager so only one code is required and original Google Analytics code can be removed.

Learn More About Your Users

By setting up Google Tag Manager you can gather more important information about your users and how they are behaving on your site. Understanding your key demographic is essential and will help you identify which pages or content on your site that they aren’t interacting with.

Reasons to use In Front Digital for Google Tag Manager Set up

  • Google Partner - we adhere to Google's stringent best practices

  • Google Tag Manager certified team

  • Google Analytics certified team

  • Identify areas of improvement

  • We identify the relevant setup and tags you should use

  • GTM setup appraisal - Get analysis on if GTM is right for your website

Google Tag Manager Set Up: What Can We Track?

Social Engagement

Keeping your business goals in mind, we can set up tags to track pretty much any event that takes place on your site. If you are interested in tracking how many people visit your social profiles from your website, we can track this. With Google Analytics incorporated in Google Tag Manager, we will be able to see how social media performs as a channel for your business in terms of visits and conversions.

Enquiries, Transactions & Conversions

We can set up tags to track any event that you consider an enquiry or a business goal; this could be someone clicking on your email address, submitting an enquiry form, adding a product to a shopping cart or completing a transaction. With this data we can see whether your users are interacting with your webpages the way you want them to.


If you have a telephone number which customers can contact you on, we recommend that we track phone calls coming from your website. If this is not set up, it will be difficult for you to see where your calls are coming from.


Do you have PDFs on your site that provide the user with useful information? PDFs usually contain products specifications, instructions or prices. If this sounds like a resource that you have on your site which is important to your business goals, this can be tracked within Tag manager and reported in Analytics.

Newsletter & Blog Subscribe

If you have a newsletter or blog that you want your customers to subscribe to, it could be beneficial for you to track this as part of your setup. By tracking a newsletter subscriber you will be able to see if you are using your resources wisely, if no one is subscribing then it could be a sign that you should consider discontinuing efforts here.


The Google AdWords Remarketing tag can be tracked in Google Tag Manager, meaning only one implementation of code is needed. Remarketing is a very useful to target customers who have previously visited your site.

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