Say hello to Google Allo

Google is in the process of launching a new messaging application that will be released on Android and iOS platforms. It is being billed as a “smart” messaging app that will allow its users to do a number of things which include the obvious such as messaging but also more enhanced features like finding out information. In this article we will look at some of the key points to this new application.

The assistant feature

What is this? Many people have heard about it and have been asking questions. Essentially users will be allowed to have chats with a Google assistant and they will be able to ask it questions or tell it to follow instructions or a command. The platform will have the availability for you to be able to ‘chat’ with the assistant yourself or bring in others to the conversation aswell.

Currently and for the moment there is only a preview of the assistant feature available. The bigger plan is for this to roll out and like many other of Google’s features, it is likely to become better and more refined.


Messages sent on this platform are subject to heavy encryption using expected systems such as transport layer security. There is also an ‘incognito’ function which adds an extra layer of security, by ensuring messages are protected from one end to the other.

Art work and more.

Where would we be without emoji’s today? Google Allo has a facility to allow the user to send unique emoji’s. Infact Google has worked very hard on this by getting experts to design them, and the end product has been over 20 packs created.

Photos can also be sent and manipulated. There will even be a function to write and much more.


Aswell as messaging friends and contacts, you will be allowed to message people who do not have the Allo facility installed. This ensures that it is available to everyone in some kind of form. If your recipient does not have it, then an SMS message will be sent. Details on this are a bit sketchy at the moment and some tweaks can be foreseen in this area.

Will you be one of the first to use it and review it? Keep an eye out!

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