Is there still a relationship between page speed and ranking?

With all the recent changes occurring within Google, there are plenty of other questions flying through the air. One of these is the effect page speed may or may not have on site ranking positions.

Traditionally it has always been viewed that Google would lower results of very slow loading websites over favouring sites that load much more rapidly. This is important with mobile search improving and seems obvious and understandable to us.

However when John Mueller was interviewed recently (basically one of ‘Google’s guys’) the answer about this relationship became less clear. He stated quite openly that he “didn’t know” how much page speed and ranking are associated anymore.

On interpretation it doesn’t look a case of the guy not personally knowing, but more Google’s position on the matter is now unclear.

At the very least if a page is slow to load it won’t be indexed, so arguably speed is still one of hundreds of factors and certainly a factor in indexation. With the apparent moving forward of Google search results, it could well mean that things are altering and reliance on other algorithm variables is now what to strive towards. This brings about the question whether Google should provide communication of any changes or what is no longer relevant anymore? After all, site owners are spending thousands on making their site’s mobile friendly and if all of this is to no avail then don’t they have an ethical need to say? They will of course say no and advise you build for your user and it is true to say a user will expect instant in today’s demanding technological world.

Most still view this matter with common sense. A page that is slow to load will not be popular and ultimately will cost traffic and conversions.

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