Range of new top level domains available now

Unfortunately, finding a suitable new domain for many people has become increasingly difficult. With some companies just holding domains and asking ridiculous prices and with so many already being taken, options have been limited and often costly. This has meant it is hard for companies to find a domain that suits their brand and product well. It has sometimes meant that brands have ended up using extensions which they do not really want to, or ones which do not work for them such as .me which stands for Montenegro. So it is great to hear that exciting nTLDs or new top level domains are now available for anyone to buy.

There are a range of new extensions on offer. I will give you a few examples. .pizza is my favourite! You might also like the sound of .photography .club .coffee or even .beer! I have found a few live sites with the new extensions when searching Google. Over time these domains will begin to look more and more familiar. This may help brands who have been struggling to secure a domain which contains everything that they require. For example you could now match a domain to your location, such as .Wales. Popular choices so far are .company .london .science. You may start to see top brands with their own domain extensions eventually. For example .google and .bmw have been submitted for consideration.


The example above was found during a Google search. The evening standard London has started to use the .london extension. This makes perfect sense for their product.


The website above – coffee.club uses the new .club extension.

There are already a few million of these new domains live and we can expect to see them more often in the future. Prices for the new domains range significantly as you would expect. But you should be able to find one for as little as £10 for a year.