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Remarketing Setup & Management

Why does your business need Remarketing?

Improve overall conversion rate

Most of the users who visit your site won’t convert on their first visit. With remarketing you can re-engage them and encourage them to come back to complete the action you want. As they have already visited your site, you know that the user is interested in a product or service that you are offering and so its often a lot more of a tailored approach.

Re-engage missed opportunities

Remarketing is the perfect targeting tool for retargeting users who did not perform your desired action when they initially visited your site; whether that be making a transaction, making an enquiry or subscribing to your newsletter.

Increase brand awareness

Although the user didn’t convert, you still want them to remember your brand and what you offer, so that if they change their mind they know they can come back to your site. You can be as aggressive as you desire; remarketing has many helpful targeting options such as frequency capping to prevent your ads being shown to the same user an excessive number of times within a given time period.

Target your preferred audience

When we set up remarketing, it is very easy to define your desired audience in line with your business goals. Whether a user has visited one page, multiple pages or not completed an important goal on your website. Targeting to them is very easy


Reasons to use In Front Digital as your remarketing agency

  • Google AdWords qualified PPC experts

  • Honest, friendly and realistic PPC team

  • In depth KPI reporting on remarketing impact

  • Google Partner certified agency - we adhere to Google's stringent best practices

  • Cost effective packages to help you achieve results

  • Our PPC executives are trained in a range of Google advertising platforms which allow flexibility to suit your needs

Remarketing Setup: The Process


We can work alongside your developer to ensure that the Google AdWords Remarketing Tag is set up correctly in your site’s code. Alternatively we can install the code snippet ourselves if we have Google Tag Manager and CMS access to your website.


During the initial set up stage, we will discuss who your desired audience for your remarketing campaign is. With this information, we will create ‘lists’ for use in Google AdWords of who to target. Examples of who you can target include visitors who visited more than one of your webpages, all visitors, visitors who bounced after viewing one page and users who sent an enquiry but didn’t convert. The opportunities are endless.


Our team will set up your remarketing campaign with your budget in mind to prevent budget wastage and ensure that you get the most out of your campaign. By closely monitoring your campaign after launch, we will be able to identify any irrelevant or expensive placements that are not leading to conversions and work on ensuring every click on your ads count. We will also ensure that the most effective bid strategy for your requirements is applied to your campaign to make the most of every click.

Ad Copy

The quality of your ads make a significant difference to the performance of your remarketing campaign, your ads need to be available in a range of different sizes for them to be shown across the entirety of the Display Network. We will give recommendations on what your ads should look like and the call to actions (CTAs) that should be in place to maximise your click through rate and conversion rate.

Topic and Placements

We will advise you on the most relevant topics and placements to target for you to reach the most relevant and converting users in your remarketing lists. By defining a more exact audience, such as an age demographic or users specifically interested in your product, you will save budget you would have elsewhere wasted and ensure that you are in front of the most relevant audience for your campaign goals.


Once we have ensured all the settings behind the scenes are set up and ready to go, with your go ahead, we will launch your remarketing campaign. If remarketing setup is part of your PPC management campaign, we will send you monthly reports on the progress achieved and what actions were taken throughout the month. After the set up stage, we will give you tips and guidance on how to improve and continually optimise the campaign yourself.

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