New rules for Google Ads in PPC – important read

Anyone who uses PPC and paid adverts will be aware that there are strict rules for advertising. Users who fall foul of these are likely to receive a warning notification (sometimes called a strike.) Google Ads operates a ‘three strikes and you are out’ principle, meaning that if you breach the rules three times, your account will be suspended. This system was introduced in 2021, but there is due to be a tightening of the rules effective from June 2022. Our latest blog post considers these rules and what changes will be coming into force.

As mentioned already, the strike system was announced in July 2021, with testing starting in September of that year. Since then, it has gradually been rolled out and it is now a global policy. When the initial rollout occurred, Google did mention that this was only the start, and they would begin to tweak the policy as time went on. The changes which are due to occur in June 2022 are seen as a step towards this.

There are 9 new policies which will be added to the strike system next month. It is important to note however that these features are not new in the unique sense of the word, it is just that they are being added to the strike system now. Arguably this means that Adword users will need to be extra vigilant from now on, to ensure all their Ads comply. The 9 factors to look for are:

*Compensated sexual acts

*Mail-order brides


*Misleading ad design

*Bail bond services

*Call Directories, forwarding services

*Credit repair services, binary options and personal loans.

What this means is that users should ensure that none of their advertisements are associated with any of the above. In addition to this, users need to be aware of ads in existing areas which could deem them in breach of rules and in violation. These include adverts associated with:

*Enabling dishonest behaviour

*Healthcare and medicines

*Dangerous products or services

What is the three strike system and how does it work?

Strike 1) The first time an advert is violated, the ad is simply removed from being shown.

Strike 2) If there is a further violation, the second stage occurs. This will only occur if it relates to the same violation and this within 90 days of the first breach. At this point, the account will be suspended for 7 days and none of the ads will be visible to an audience.

Strike 3) If another violation occurs within 90 days of the second for the same matter, the account will simply be suspended at that point.

Why should I take note of this?

If you are someone who runs paid adverts, you need to be aware of the scope and extent of the rules. Imagine if your account was suspended for an indefinite period. The potential loss of sales, revenue and audience share could have a significant impact on your business. This is why we recommend you work with a company who specialise in PPC, to avoid the chances of account violations and suspensions happening. In Front Digital are a leading player in PPC setup and management, so don’t go it alone, contact us today to find out how we can help!

In the mean time, please take a look at our PPC setup & PPC management pages for more information.