New Features are coming to the Google Ads Platform

The Google team is planning to drive its search platform in a new direction, announcing the integration of over ten new products and data features to the Google Ads platform. In the past, Google’s Search strategies have aspired to replicate the journey of a user, however, this is a method that has become increasingly more complex. The thought processes of the average Google search user are often not linear, making traditional marketing, and channel specific, strategies less relevant and effective.

As to provide users with an impactful online experience, it is important to anticipate their specific needs at any moment in time. Of course, advertisers should definitely consider the actions that lead toward a final conversion, but to get the potential customer that far, the user’s queries must be answered using highly relevant methods. It has been deemed by Google that simply appearing in the search results when triggered by a keyword is no longer enough to gain conversions; brands must be able to provide their possible customers with rich answers, and give the option for them to progress within their journey in their own time.

To allow us to better respond to user queries, the Google team has announced a number of new ad formats. These new ads are highly engaging and well suited for use across multiple channel strategies; being accompanied by various visual elements as to enhance the user experience.

Discovery Ads

Google Ads are set to launch new Discovery Ads later this year that will run across the Google Discover, YouTube, and Gmail Social and Promotion platforms. This new form of ad, powered by Google’s ever evolving artificial intelligence capabilities, will not be driven by keyword-focused campaign strategies, instead being run within a new campaign type that concentrates upon targeted audiences.

Video Ads

The creation and development of video assets has been one of the biggest challenges so far within the world of video advertising; this is an issue that Google looks to change this year. With the introduction of Bumper Ads, the Google team will help with the creation of YouTube friendly ads, doing so in a way that allows for the testing of most successful trial elements via machine intelligence.

The team at Google also plan to increase the commitment they have to elements of measurement and reporting. Some of the intended upcoming features include the optimisation of local campaigns to include offline key performance indicators for store visits and calls, and display and video integrations as to bridge gaps within display and video reporting campaigns; allowing for the development of synergies between these platforms.

It has also been announced by Google that less data will be made available on the Google Ads platform in the future; this is in line with new updates to the levels of privacy provided across the site. With a rise in limited first-party data, as well as the growing bias against third-party data, machine learning is set to make targeting less data dependent and, instead, better aligned with the behaviours displayed by relevant users of the Google platforms.