New Adwords Tools Announced as Mobile Outshines Desktop!

Following the news that mobile search has overtaken desktop search in 10 different countries, Google announced via livestream at their #StepInsideAdWords event on May 5th that some new mobile friendly tools and features are to be implemented into Adwords.

In the last year alone Google has come a long way to optimise search results for mobiles and help mobile users find what they want as quick as possible from a reliable source.

New Adwords Ad Formats

Consumers, particularly on mobile devices, now have higher expectations than ever before – they want everything right, and they want everything right away. This requires that marketers answer their needs in the moment, whenever and wherever they are. Our investments in mobile are driven by consumers’ expectations for immediacy and relevance in the moment’ – Google

Google have always relied on relevancy for rankings, this is no different on mobile. Google have released new ad formats for three different industries: automotive, hotel and mortgages. The new ad formats came about after information from user feedback taught Google more about how users search and how ads need to be more engaging, and built for screen-swipes instead of clicks!


As most car buyers are interested in finding their dream car and seeing images of every angle of the car before purchase, Google have introduced Automobile ads that show the mobile user a collection of images of their chosen car alongside a ‘Dealers’ link that shows the user the nearest dealer to them with the best offers. An example of an automotive ad is below:


All around the world there are millions of people searching for hotels everyday, all looking for essential information such as prices, room availability and location. Reviews have also become a contributing factor in whether or not someone decides to book a room or not so this would be information that the user is looking for. Similarly to Automotive ads, Hotel ads show the mobile user directions to the nearest hotel and the prices of the rooms available on external partner sites. Hotel ads help businesses get all necessary information infront of a potential customers. An example of a Hotel ad:



Getting a mortgage and buying a home is up there with one of the biggest decisions in your life time so making sure you are getting the best deal and know all the options available to you is essential. Due to this, Google are adding a new addition to their Google Compare feature (available in the US) with a mortgage comparison option. Aswell as this, with the new Mortgage ads coming into action, you will be able to apply for a mortgage directly for a Google ad! The new ads will cut down your research time into the provider dramaticaly as their ad will contain all important information, from terms of loans and the fees.

What else is new?

  • Changes to automated bidding means that you can ensure the most appropriate ad according to the users search and intent is shown to them. This can be monitored and controlled via the new Reporting dashboard.
  • Dynamic Search Ads are being revamped and enhancements with a multitude of new features such as category targets and recommended category CPCs. Dynamic Ads are far more complex than Search Ads as they do not require keywords, instead they appear when the content on your site is relevant to the search term that the user is searching for. You cannot control which page that your Dynamic Ad takes the user, you can now however see which ads are showing most frequently and where your customers are being sent the most.
  • In the months to come, cross-device conversions will integrate with automated bidding to make it easier to track and understand the customer process.

Read Google’s announcement here:

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