Would you like to live in Google city?

It sounds a bit far-fetched or over the top –  a city where everything is Google. Whilst this is just talk and a fantasy at the moment, there are signs that something resembling this concept could actually become true!

Google are planning to build a city (or rather it seems ‘take over’ a city – to which locations such as Denver and Detroit appear to be on the short list.) The purpose of this is to test and try out more and more of Google’s products in one area. From our previous postings you may already be aware of the presence of Google self-driving cars or drones for example, and cities could soon become a playground for testing all this technology and more. Googles parent company (Alphabet) appear to have quietly suggested that this might come to pass, and examples of such commentary can be read here.

From the mentioning of the above examples we already know that some cities seem to have been designated for testing different products (e.g. the cars in California) but obviously this latest news is something on a much grand and potentially higher impacted scale.

What are the additional pieces of technology that could be trialled?

This could be anything from:

* Automated traffic lights that are controlled from one central place.

* Robots which deliver mails and parcels.

* Total coverage Wi-Fi which can be accessed anywhere anytime.

* Robots in general?

* Many more things we don’t yet know about!

We see the key to this as location and a push towards ever modern and technology based cities. There would be little point in Google choosing a city which didn’t already exhibit characteristics of a future based world because there would be little call for any of their products. Choosing somewhere that’s leading and ahead is important – so don’t be surprised to see other big cities outside of the US being mentioned or considered for this possibly – would this bring in the UK?

From a commercial and brand point of view, the purpose of this story is much more important however. What Google is doing is attempting to stamp and foster its overall brand even more, ensuring that it becomes long lived, lasts well into the future, and doesn’t get left behind.

Do you think ‘back to the future’ or ‘the daleks’ might be paying us a visit? Don’t worry, we are sure Google will have the resources to deal with that too!

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