LinkedIn release New Tools to aid Virtual Job Interviews

LinkedIn have announced that they plan to release a new range of tools as a response to more of us working and operating from home as a result of the current Coronavirus pandemic. The company are set to launch new video features, as well as a tool, powered by artificial intelligence, that will provide users with feedback on their spoken word responses.


Video Introduction


LinkedIn’s new ‘video introductions’ feature is designed to help individuals make a good first impression when applying for a new job role. The new feature will allow hiring managers to request introduction videos from candidates as part of their hiring process. Individuals are then able to respond by providing either written copy or recording a video introduction.


Feedback powered by AI


LinkedIn is also rolling out instant feedback, powered by artificial intelligence, to help their users with interview preparation; this should aid candidates with preparing for commonly asked screening questions.

To help individuals approach the interview process with confidence, the AI feedback tool will listen to user’s responses and analyse the content of their speech, providing them with tips on what they should look to improve. Users of the tool will also be able to record any practice answers and submit them to the tool for review. Feedback being provided by this AI-powered tool will help users to refine their speaking and interview skills, providing advice on the use of filler words such as ‘like’, pacing, and even words and phrases that should be avoided.


Though these tools are still being tested, they aim to bring great improvements to the way that traditional interviews are carried out by employers, as well as aid the hiring process during these uncertain times.

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