How To Create A Landing Page That Converts


Landing pages are crucial for both SEO and PPC, so if you find that your pages have a high CTR but a low conversion rate then it might be because your landing pages aren’t conversion friendly. In this article we are going to discuss how to create a great landing page for PPC that actually works, but these tips can be applied to SEO landing pages too!

It is important to remember that your PPC ads should never be targeted to your homepage. Your homepage is likely to contain a lot of varied information about you, your services, your business, promotions you are running etc so your customer may miss the desired action you want them to take. Traffic from PPC ads should always be driven to a relevant landing page where the desired action is clear and all the information the user is looking for is there to be discovered.

If you already have landing pages on your site or are currently in the process of PPC landing page design, keep reading to see what elements your landing pages need in order to convert traffic into sales.

Keep The User Interested

If a potential customer clicked through to your site from a banner ad or a PPC ad, they were enticed by whatever your ad was offering. If in the headline of your PPC ad (or banner) you said “Download Your Free Fail Proof Business Strategies White Paper” then you should include this in the headline of your landing page in order to ensure consistency as well as keep the user on the page. It only takes a visitor a few seconds to decide whether or not they are interested in what you are offering, so repeating the phrase that initially attracted their attention will increase their time on page and the likelihood they will convert.

Short & Sweet Landing Page Copy

Visitors want to be able to find the purpose of the landing page quickly so don’t pad out the page with paragraphs of irrelevant or repetitive text. Keep your landing page copy short and sweet; make your content clear and relevant to the ad with a clear message of what you want them to do after reading. Don’t forget to include the copy from your ad in the your landing page copy as this is one of the factors Google considers when determining whether or not your ad should appear for users search queries. If you have specific points that you want to particularly push in front of your audience then use bullet points for a more user friendly experience.

Tell Them What To Do

It needs to be crystal clear to a user what action they should take, so don’t confuse your visitors by having multiple different conversion points on your landing page. If your ad is promoting your free white paper download then the ONLY conversion action the user should be able to take on that page is to download the whitepaper. Having floating subscriptions widgets, quick enquiry forms or other action points will become a distraction to the user and may see your conversion rate decline because your desired action isn’t clear.

Minimise Distractions

Whilst imagery is usually a great tactic in order to keep users interested and on your page longer, in this case it may have an opposite effect. Imagery and other clutter may distract the user from completing your desired action. Images of what you are offering are good practice, but keep it to a maximum of one image so your calls to actions aren’t diminished.

Maximise Visibility

Ensure that the desired action you want the user to take is prominent on the page; it needs to be in their face and be their main focus. For your white paper download you could include a large download form on the right hand side of your landing page so they don’t have to scroll to complete the action. Use contrasting colours and large buttons to draw the users attention to your end goal.

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