Within this article, we’ve compiled a listed of some of the most commonly made website content mistakes that could be preventing potential customers from using the services being offered by your business. Avoiding these simple mistakes could have a huge impact upon the performance of your website.

Your Content is Boring

No customer wants to be subjected to a boring web copy, they want to be entertained and informed. Presenting potential customers with uninteresting content is likely to leave them with a negative first impression of your site and, ultimately, your business as a whole, making them less likely to take up your services. A great way to determine whether your web copy requires improvement is to read through your site thoroughly. If it doesn’t convince you to do what’s suggested, whether that be to buy a product or hire a service, then it won’t convince your customers either!

Your Site is Poorly Structured

For a web page to effectively grab the attention of the customer, it should incorporate a few key elements into its structure:

  • A good headline
  • Great imagery
  • Easy-to-understand navigation
  • A clear call-to-action
  • Bullet points

Bullet points, as demonstrated above, can provide a great way to break-up points of information, such as lists, that would instead be formatted in the structure of a long sentence with far too many commas. They offer a great way to present information to a reader in a clear and concise way that makes text a little easier to digest.
When detailing information such as product features or the benefits of services on offer, paragraphs intercepted with bullet points as to list key points can offer a great approach to presenting an appropriate amount of information in an easy-to-read formatting.

No Call-to-Action

If your website does a great job of promoting your services but never actually asks the reader to sign up to the newsletter or complete the transaction, the visit may as well not have occurred to begin with. It is important to ensure that you have a strong and compelling call-to-action clearly present within your web copy; this should preferably be towards the top of the page or above the fold where it is more likely to be seen by the potential customer.

Your Content lacks Visual Imagery

Great web copy is useless if not accompanied with striking, high quality imagery to accompany it. It is recommended that original images are used whenever this is possible, however, royalty free images can also be of great use if good in quality and of clear relevance to the main topic of the text.

Your Content fails to get to the Point

A successful piece of content should be characterised by its capability to compel an audience and encourage them to carry on reading. Short, sharp, and concise paragraphs are a great way to keep a piece of content interesting, as information is put across to the reader without too much added detail that could work to stray away from the point originally being made.
Large paragraphs full of meandering sentences may have worked previously within the world of marketing, but when it comes to drawing an audience online, where the sources and information on offer are constantly growing, it is important that content works to grab, and hold, the attention of the reader.

To conclude, there are many factors that go into creating a successful and effective web copy that will draw customers to converting on your site. The integration of these points into your content will help to greatly improve the success of your website and work to steadily build your customer base.

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