Every successful SEO strategy is based on a solid set of keywords. The first step of strategy creation is keyword research and finding the best terms and phrases to optimise your website for to gain the most traffic and revenue.

However, to stay competitive you must regularly review your SEO keywords. Adding in new keywords and removing low volume keywords will help keep your SEO strategy fresh and help maintain (or improve) your organic rankings.

But why should you change your SEO keywords?

Business Relevancy

The keywords your strategy is built on will be based on your business goals and the products or services your company offer. However, if you have been targeting the same keywords for a long time it’s likely that you have added or removed new services/products since initial set up. When changes like this are made, your keywords should change to reflect them and your website content optimised accordingly.

Keyword Trends

Your decision to select certain keywords as targets will partially be based on their keyword volume, i.e. how many searches for that phrase are made per month. Markets are constantly changing and the way in which people are searching for businesses has evolved, therefore keywords which had high search volumes 12 months ago may now not be worth targeting. You should ensure that you keep up to date with changes in your industry and try to get ahead of trends to gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

There are many signs that your SEO strategy isn’t working. A decline in organic traffic is usually the first tell-tale sign. For in-depth analysis of your websites SEO performance, get in touch with our experts!