Working to ensure that your company’s website is intriguing and of interest to your visitors can sometimes be a difficult task. With so many varying factors each playing a role in the overall performance of your site, how do you know which strategies will work best for you and what you should be implementing into your approach? Below, we aim to discuss what you should be doing to grab the attention of your first-time visitors, increasing your business’ chances of engaging on an ongoing basis with these visitors.


Clear & Useful Navigation

Your website’s landing pages do not need to consist of every single piece of potentially relevant information that a customer could possibly be interested in. Doing this will leave you with a cluttered, and probably misleading, page that overloads your visitors with information. Instead, landing pages should be optimised with relevant navigation features, making it easy for your first-time users to find their way around your website pages and locate the information that they’re looking for.

Examples of good navigation include:

  • Clarity on who your service or product is for.
  • Related accessories or products.
  • An FAQ’s section.
  • Specifications.
  • Reviews.
  • Links to informative content.
  • Other helpful links.
  • An image gallery.

Great landing page optimisation will help your users get the information from your website that they are looking for, increasing their chances of becoming a converting customer in the future.


Make the Purpose of your Landing Pages Clear to Users

When developing the content that will make up your business’ landing pages, there are two questions that you need to consider:

How did your visitors get here?

Why did the user click the link that lead them to your landing page?

When writing your landing page content, it needs to be considered that the ad text that led users to click on a link to your website, whether this be text from a paid ad or a meta description in the organic search results. It is likely that visitors being directed to your landing pages from these sources are looking for more information about your services, or have a question that they want to answer. The main content of your company website pages should look to provide your first-time users with additional relevant information in a way that is concise and easy to understand. To ensure you supply your users with relevant information on your landing pages, review the ad text from all referral sources that lead users to your website and ensure that any claims or promises made are backed up within your main site content.


Quick Website Load Times

This is a factor that should be fairly self-explanatory to most. If your company website has a slow loading time, this will work to negatively impact a visitor’s overall experience with your business, greatly increasing their chances of going elsewhere for the services that they are looking for; there are plenty of other options available, so it is vital that your website provides a great user experience to keep your company ahead of your competitors.

For more information on what you can be doing to improve the performance of your company website and improve your user experience, get in touch with our digital marketing services in Birmingham and discover what we can do to improve your return on investment.