Direct marketing strategies have, for as long as we can remember, always been found at the centre of business to business marketing; the nature of a direct marketing campaign being to advertise toward your predefined audience, utilising popular delivery mediums such as telemarketing and direct mail to do so. However, in today’s more advanced world of marketing techniques, does this still hold true, or can it be found that there is a more effective way for b2b companies to be marketing their services toward their audience?
In this article, we will aim to discuss the best online marketing strategies to use for your business-focused company, helping you to put your best foot forward within this new year.


Social Media Advertising

Business to business advertising across various social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn has been seen to rise in popularity, as well as success, within recent years; being attributed to the fact that many of these channels have been seen to develop their targeting capabilities and thus improve the return on investment seen by users of their advertising features. Remarketing on the Facebook platform is a tactic seen to be highly effective in expanding the online presence of a business when used alongside a Google Ads remarketing campaign, making this a great option for businesses looking for a paid advertising option that will allow them to see results at a much quicker rate; especially when compared to other strategies such as search engine optimisation (SEO) that take a longer time to see any return on investment.

Facebook’s custom audience targeting features align well within the direct marketing objectives that can often be seen within a b2b marketing strategy. Users are able to load an email database list to the Facebook Ad platform to be used as an audience list, matching the email address to its associated user profile to subsequently target ads toward the individual’s account.


Email Marketing

Email marketing has been a popular strategy within many businesses to business marketing campaigns for some time, and it remains one of the most effective tactics for b2b companies even today. To futher add to this, there are some great third-party email marketing platforms readily available that have been purpose built for the use of the marketer. These platforms are able to provide full database list management features, as well as custom html templates, and detailed analytics and reporting.

However, the main issue now seen within email marketing approaches is the creation of your targeting list, as marketers are no longer able to buy these under GDPR spam rules which require lists to gain the permission of the recipient.


To conclude, email marketing can still be seen as the most effective online marketing strategy used within b2b online marketing campaigns, however, advertisement upon social media platforms such as Facebook has also proven to be highly successful in recent years, helping business to reach their target audience to effect.

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