Implementing Google Analytics code on your site is a great way to start tracking and monitoring how users interact with your webpages, but it doesn’t stop there. Whilst standard Google Analytics implementation provides you with behind the scenes data, in order to actually track what actions your users are taking on your website you will need to set up conversion tracking.

Here are our top 5 website actions you should be tracking on your website:

Contact Form Submissions

If a contact form submission can result in a lead, purchase or enquiry then you should be monitoring how many contact form submission are completed. By tracking this you will be able to accurately determine how many leads are coming from your website and identify any problems with the contact form completion process that may be preventing users enquiring.

contact form tracking

Site Search

If you have a search function on your website, whether that be a simplistic search bar or an advanced search function you will want to be tracking what search queries users are searching for. This will help you identify your most in demand products, pages and products/pages that are difficult to find on your website.


Email Contact

If you count email contacts as a conversion action then you should put a ‘mailto:’ syntax on ALL email addresses which will make the email addresses clickable on desktop and mobile devices. You can track these email clicks as link clicks and set them as a conversion goal in Google Analytics.

Social Clicks

Social media should be part of your digital marketing strategy so monitoring now many users enter and exit your site via social media can be essential information. Ensure any clicks on your social icons open in a new tab or window and don’t take the user off the page completely!

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