We all know that content is key for SEO success, however, videos can help enhance your SEO performance and overall customer engagement.

Video content can add additional value to your content and help humanise your brand to new and existing customers, creating an all-important brand persona. A study by Oberlo has shown that 54% of customers want more video-based content from the brands they shop with.

There are many benefits to generating video content for your marketing strategies…

Bring Your Brand To Life

Video content is a great way to connect with a variety of different audiences and attract their attention. Regardless of industry, videos can help showcase your brand ethos and put your products in the spotlight. Large paragraphs of text telling customers why they need to buy your products can come across cold, not everyone appreciates the hard-sell approach. By creating a branded video that piques their interest, you improve the relationship between you and your customers as well as understanding what they do and don’t like. Looking at how customers respond to your video content, you can use this to adapt your PPC and email marketing material.

Video SEO

If you are struggling to keep users on your website, videos can help enhance your content and increase the average session duration of potential customers. Not only do YouTube videos now appear in organic search results for related searches which can lead to increased brand awareness and traffic, increasing the time users spend on your website will benefit your overall SEO performance as this is an important ranking factor.

Improve Email CTR

Including engaging videos in your email marketing campaigns can increase your CTR by up to 300%, a Wordstream study has shown. If you don’t have a large brand presence or haven’t focused on creating a brand persona that customers can relate to, humorous or relatable videos can help bridge the gap that may be missing and help you gain regular customers or regain the attention of customers who may have forgotten you.