Aiming to build high quality, organic traffic to your business’ website is essential for those looking to grow their audience of potential customers, as well as improve upon their overall return on investment. However, knowing the digital marketing strategies that you should be implementing into your campaigns to improve the amount of organic traffic seen to your site overall can be difficult; how do you know the approaches best suited to your aims and which are most likely to gain the results that you are aiming for?

Below, we have complied a list of the best content marketing strategies for businesses to set in place to assist with the generation of organic traffic to their website. Our aim is to help you to find the approach best suited to your business goals.


Audio Content


Creating podcasts and other highly engaging audio content, such as radio shows, can be a great way to see a boost in the amount of organic traffic frequenting your company’s website, providing your target audience with highly useful information in a form that can be both more interesting as well as entertaining when compared to the average blog post. Podcasts can be highly captivating, acting as an extremely useful medium for both listeners and businesses alike.


Unfortunately, the majority of companies choose not to implement audio content into their digital marketing campaigns, however, this does not mean that they do not act an ideal addition to any pre-existing content strategy. As a number of businesses do not opt for the use of podcasts as a way to market their company, there is little competition out there, despite their ever increasing rise in popularity within more recent years; podcast audiences are also the most likely audience interested in your industry and what your business has to offer to them, making them a great source of both potential customers and organic traffic to your website.

The introduction of audio content to your marketing campaign can also help to establish your business as a leader within your industry, further increasing the presence of E.A.T (expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness) factors that are seen to be required within the modern-day SEO strategy.

Podcasts offer businesses with the opportunity to grown a dedicated traffic base through the frequent publication of high quality, engaging audio content.


Video Content


Much like podcasts, video content offers a highly engaging way to grab the attention of your target audience, holding the capability to drive a significant amount of organic traffic to your company website as a result.
Working to produce video content within your usual content marketing strategy should help your company to open itself up to a whole new stream of traffic frequenting your website, and with a total of over 1 billion users worldwide, YouTube should be used as an essential tool and source of high-quality traffic within this plan.

There are a multitude of reasons as to why video content is such a great traffic source:


  • Video content is convenient and engaging for users.


  • Publishing content consistently, provides companies with the opportunity to grow a loyal customer base.


  • It is a mobile-friendly option.


  • Video content can help to establish your business as a leader within your industry.


  • Watchers are likely to be interested in the industry and thus more likely to become converting customers in the future.


Promotion on Social Media


Promoting the content that you create, whether it be blog content or a new promotional video, to the audience found upon your social profiles can provide a great way to market your business to the users most likely to be interested in what you have to offer. Social media platforms have the ability to act as excellent channels for traffic, helping you to see an increase in visits to your business website as a result.

While there is no way that we can guarantee potential customers will be visiting our websites on a regular basis, meaning that vital changes, such as the publication of new content could be missed, social media provides us with a solution, allowing us to share updates directly to the newsfeeds of our followers, helping to keep them engaged and increase the chances of them returning to our websites within the future. By connecting with your followers, the overall amount of organic traffic to you site should see an increase; as well as a steady increase in both new and returning customers.

To conclude, there are a range of strategies that can be used within content marketing to help businesses see an increase in the amount of organic traffic frequenting their website on a whole, allowing companies to successfully marketing their products and services to an audience of users highly likely to be interested in their industry. To learn more about the strategies behind content marketing, visit our dedicated content development services page or get in touch with our experts at In Front Digital and discover what we could do to help you with your campaign.