What is Dynamic Keyword Insertion?

Keyword insertion is a functionality provided in Google Ads which enables advertisers to replace a word or phrase in their ad with the search phrase that the user searched for. Keyword insertion can be used in the headline, display path or description of any of your ads.

Why Use Keyword Insertion?

Keyword insertion is the best way to make your ads feel personalised to the user. When a potential customer searches for what they are looking for, if your ad contains the exact word or phrase they searched for, this will encourage them to click on your ad as it is exactly what they searched for.

Depending on your industry, Google Ads can be very competitive and encouraging potential customers to click on your ads instead of your competitors can be challenging which is where keyword insertion can be a very powerful tool.

Benefits of Keyword Insertion

  • Increased personalisation
  • High CTRs
  • Google bolds keyword insertions
  • Potential quality score increase

How To Implement Keyword Insertion?

When setting up a new ad or editing existing ads, you should experiment with using keyword insertion in different areas. In one ad use keyword insertion in headline 1 and in another ad experiment with keyword insertion in the description.

Headline 1 is the first thing a potential customer reads, so keyword insertion will likely result in better results here, but it is beneficial to cover all bases in case they do read further and need more enticing to click.

To apply dynamic keyword insertion, enter {KeyWord: xxx} where you would like the users search query to appear in the ad.

In the below example you can see that we have include the phrase ‘cleaning products’ in the brackets, this phrase will only show if what the user searches is too long to fit in the headline or description.

keyword insertion

You can also add additional text outside of the brackets such as:

Buy {KeyWord: cleaning products}

{KeyWord: cleaning products} at low prices

Order {KeyWord: cleaning products} now

Google will replace all words in the brackets with what the user has searched for, in this example that could be: cleaning sprays, products for cleaning, cleaning wipes etc


Depending on whether you have added keyword insertion to the start of a sentence or in the middle of a sentence, the capitalization will differ. You can change capitalisation by making the following changes:

  • {keyword: cleaning products} – cleaning products
  • {Keyword: cleaning products} – Cleaning products
  • {KeyWord: cleaning products} – Cleaning Products
  • {KEYword: cleaning products) – CLEANING Products
  • {KEYWORD: cleaning products} – CLEANING PRODUCTS

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