Since the Covid-19 pandemic began in mid-March in the UK, businesses and consumers have been affected by these uncertain times. Businesses have never been hit with such a dilemma and those who aren’t deemed essential businesses are sadly losing 100% of their sales due to not being online.

A strong example of this is Primark. Primark are a large UK fashion retailer based here in Birmingham, who opened their biggest store last April. Their revenue plummeted from £650m per month to £0 in April because despite customers asking the company for years to make it possible to buy their clothing online, they didn’t adapt and have now lost all sales until stores are allowed to reopen after lockdown.

Whilst we could never have predicted a lockdown to such a degree here in the UK, this does highlight the essential requirement that most if not all businesses need to consider having a website with the functionality to purchase directly from their website. High streets may look like ghost towns at the moment, but with many people either working from home or being furloughed due to inability to continue working, more people are searching online than ever before. Many businesses such as supermarkets, Argos and Amazon have reported a higher demand for their products than they see at Christmas.

Businesses should use this time to focus on how they can succeed once lockdown is lifted and how you can compete with your competitors that might be thriving despite current restrictions. So, what can you do now to prepare for a more successful period later this year?

Get a good website

This applies whether you currently have a website or not. You need to have a well-structured, user-friendly and well optimised website in order to compete with your competitors online. Showcase your product or services in the most attractive, clear way that will make purchasing or enquiring easy for customers. Most web designers are still working, albeit from home, and will be more than happy for your custom! Your website is your most powerful marketing tool.

Put an SEO strategy in place

Having a website isn’t enough to drive customers, you will need to ensure all elements of your website and content are optimised to show Google you are relevant to the term’s users are searching for. We can help you optimise your current website or work with your website developers to ensure that your website is created with SEO in mind. We are still here and ready to help!

Set up Google Ads

Whilst many businesses have understandably pulled their budget from advertising whilst things remain uncertain, it would be proactive to set up a selection of ads you can set LIVE once your website is up and running. Ranking organically doesn’t happen over night as it takes time for Google to discover all your pages and rank them accordingly, so the best plan of action is to run PPC ads alongside your SEO strategy. We can do some thorough keyword research and help you create some attractive, engaging ads that will drive sales.

If you’re struggling with sales and need some help navigating SEO and PPC, we are here to help! Get in touch now to discuss your options.