If you rely on Organic as your primary channel of traffic and leads, it is crucial that your organic presence is being recognised and that you are enticing people to click through to your site. Your organic listing should not only include select keywords that are relevant to what your target audience would search for, it should also tell the user why they should click through to your site and not your competitor. With a limit of around 55 characters for your title tag and 150-160 for your meta description, you don’t have a lot of space to work with!

An efficient organic listing is crucial to SEO success and standing out from you competitors. Your title tag and meta description of every page and post on your site should be thoroughly thought through so that it encourages the user to click through and perform the action you want them to.

Title Tag

As a primary factor in the user’s decision of which result to click on in the search results, your title tag needs to be attractive and catch the user’s attention. Whilst it needs to be keyword rich if possible, your title tags should be written for the sole purpose of the user being enticed through to your site. Your target keyword for that page should be as close to the start of the title tag as possible, but remember that making your title tag interesting will lead to a higher CTR than a keyword stuffed title!  Which of the below listings are you more likely to click on?

how to optimise title tags

Meta Description

Again, look at the above example. Example 2 provides you with a lot more detail than example one and uses engaging language to make you want to find out more which is exactly what you want to make your potential customers feel – like they will be missing out if they don’t click through!

URL Friendliness

A factor often overlooked is how friendly your URL’s are. All URL’s on your site should follow a navigation structure and contain keywords where they are relevant and natural to fall. Underscores are forbidden in URL’s and hyphens should be used to separate words so they make sense to the user and to the search engines, you should be able to identify what is on the page before clicking through.

optimise your meta description

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