Over the last 2-3 years, Google have been using brand signals to determine which websites rank in the search results. Whilst we never know for certain what Google is looking for behind the scenes, statistics have shown that businesses with more branded searches (search queries that contain their brand name) have higher rankings as they are deemed more favourable and trustworthy than their competitors.

Unless you’re an established, well-known brand, you probably don’t have many (if any) branded searches. The great thing about SEO is that potential customers can discover your brand for the first time by searching for the products and services you offer; however, they need to have that initial awareness before discovering you.

For businesses who want to increase their brand awareness, SEO isn’t enough on its own – and that’s okay. We’re here to tell you the ways in which you can enhance your SEO strategy and drive more branded searches, which is the perfect package for overall online success!


Setting up remarketing ads is a no-brainer. If you don’t have remarketing set up as part of your PPC campaign, you’re missing out on valuable leads with very low CPCs. Remarketing is when you show display ads to users who have already visited your website, keeping your brand in the front of their mind and encouraging them back to your website to convert. Remarketing is easy to set up and costs so little per click that every business, big or small, should set this up as default.

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Social Media Ads

All the popular social media channels for business have the functionality for you to create social media advertising campaigns to target your ideal customer. Advertising on social media can put your brand right in front of potential customers without them ever having to search for your brand or what you offer. Most people have social media accounts, which makes this a great channel to push marketing budget into as everyone is a potential customer.

Email Marketing

Customers who have previous knowledge of your brand and may have signed up for your newsletter are important. They have already shown an interest and may just need a refresh of what you offer and who you are as a brand, maybe your website wasn’t as good as it is now back then. You already have the data; you just need to create an impressive email marketing campaign and you’re good to go!

There are also several offline advertising options you can utilise to drive more branded searches.

TV Advertising

The adverts that are shown between programmes on TV can be an effective way to drive branded searches as potential customers will be trying to find your website from what they’ve seen, unlike online ads where all they have to do is click through. A great example would be a window fitter with a sale on their double-glazing advertising on TV, they should see an increase in branded searches such as ‘<brand name> double glazing’ after the advert is LIVE.


Nothing quite says ‘look at me’ like a great big billboard, does it? Advertising on a billboard is not as expensive as you may think and if the billboard is in a prominent city centre, a lot of eyes will be on you. Use your billboard to its full potential; create a brand persona and make sure that it fits in with your website and social media presence for consistency.

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