Unbounce recently carried out a study where 750 consumers and 395 webmasters were questioned about page speed and the role it plays in their online experience.

The data from the report has returned some interesting statistics that webmasters should sit up and take notice of.

Web-savvy individuals may understand (and even sympathize) if your website is slow as they will understand that it can be tricky to find the fine line between good design and fast speed. However, the average consumer who doesn’t have this knowledge will not hesitate to look elsewhere for a faster, more user-friendly website if yours doesn’t perform well, ultimately driving them to shop with your competitors instead.

Important findings from the report:


  • 50% of users will leave your website if they have to wait longer than 3 seconds for the page to fully load
  • 70% of consumers are less likely to buy from your website if it has a slow loading time
  • 50% of consumers will try to refresh the page at least once if it does not load the first time
  • 22% of consumers close the tab/window if the page doesn’t load fast enough
  • 14% of consumers will visit a competitor website if yours is too slow


  • Despite 81% of webmasters understanding that slow page speed may be negatively impacting conversions, most aren’t prioritizing it as an issue to fix this year
  • Only 3% of webmasters surveyed have made improving page speed a top priority task for 2019
  • Despite this, 73% of webmasters acknowledge that optimizing their page speed is somewhat urgent/very urgent in today’s climate

These damning results should further highlight the importance of fast page speed as without focusing your attention on this issue now, you are literally driving your customers to your competitor’s website!

Check your website on the Google PageSpeed Insights tool and read our guide on how to improve page speed.

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