Knowing what tactics you should be using to increase the amount of traffic to your company’s blog is sometimes a difficult task; with so many different strategies available, how do you find the ones that are proven to work? Below, we aim to discuss the content writing approaches that you should be using to direct a higher amount of traffic to your blog.


Write about subjects that your audience is interested in

If your blog is producing and publishing articles on topics that users are rarely searching for, your chances of increasing the amount of traffic that you blog is seeing are slim to none. It can be tempting to write about the subjects that are of interest to you, whether it be latest industry news or a recent trend, but this kind of content has a typically short shelf life. To resolve this potential issue, content writers should ensure that they are producing articles surrounding topics that users are seen to be searching for and ones in which they themselves are passionate about. This should be the foundation of your approach regarding your copywriting strategies; every post published should be aimed toward a term that holds search traffic potential and you should produce engaging content.

The easiest way to do this is to begin by typing any relevant phrase or keyword into Google and looking through all of the suggested ideas that you are provided with; these are all of the relevant terms that other users have been searching for.

Google search suggestions drop-down

By choosing to write a blog piece that answers one of these questions, businesses increase the relevancy of the content around the search term and help increase the potential for attracting more traffic to their site overall around that search term, thus improving the success of their SEO and content development strategy.


Share your content to your social channels

Sharing the content that you create with your followers on your business’ social profiles provides companies with a great way to market their knowledge and services to the users. Indeed, these users are most likely to be interested in the content. Business focused social media platforms such as LinkedIn hold the ability to act as great channels for organic traffic, helping businesses to see an increase in users frequenting their website as a result.


While there is no way to guarantee that customers will visit a site on a regular basis, social media provides us with a solution, allowing for updates to be posted directly to the newsfeeds of followers, keeping them engaged and increasing the chances of them returning to our sites to complete a conversion. By connecting with your followers, the overall amount of traffic to your site should see vast improvements; as well as a steady increase in both new and returning customers.

There are a number of content development strategies that can be used by businesses to improve the number of users visiting their site on a whole, allowing for companies to market their services to an audience of potential customers likely to be interested in what they have to offer.

To learn more about the strategies behind content marketing, get in touch with us to discover what we can do to help you with your digital marketing campaign.