Google reviews are a feature within Google Maps and Google My Business that allow your customers to publicly post reviews across the Google platforms detailing their experiences with your business and the services and products on offer. These reviews offer up a great way for service focused companies to highlight their unique selling points and showcase the great experiences provided to customers as a result.

It is common, recommended practice for businesses to actively look to gain and manage their Google Reviews, incorporating customer review requests as an element of customer service practises or the overall communication process between business and customer. If your company has no plan in place as to gain new reviews upon a regular basis, it may be worth considering the implementation of such to your business. Gaining positive reviews from converting customers can sometimes take a great deal of time but could lead to most great reviews.

It is vital that your company doesn’t try to publish reviews on the behalf of its customers and Google tends to analyse all review as to verify authenticity; customers should only post reviews from their own personal accounts.

Google reviews are a great way to improve elements of search engine optimisation and manage your SEO, improving the rankings of your Google My Business listings which can often be shown within the localised search results. Star rated listings also work to greatly improve overall click through rates of your company website in the SERPS, this type of listing being achieved through gaining a total number of five reviews or more. Reviews can act as a signal, letting Google know that your business operates using an open and transparent manner that subsequently helps your company to earn Google’s trust as a result.

In order to manage your Google reviews, a verified Google My Business listing is required as to gain access and management controls. The aforementioned listing is usually verified against your business address and entails a postcard being sent to the provided address. Other options can be made available to those who do not wish to disclose their address in full.

To conclude, Google reviews are known to improve elements of SEO and hold potential to greatly improve reputation and CTR within the search results. To learn more about factors contributing to the overall performance of your search engine optimisation, visit our dedicated SEO page and discover what In Front Digital could do to help your business.