These unprecedented times have changed the face of retail and have limited how we can shop, so where and how we shop have had to change. With well-known brands sadly disappearing from the high street and many jobs being lost in the process, others are re-evaluating how and where to spend their hard-earned money.

With a lack of freedom to browse multiple shops to find the best deal, consumers are left to rely on existing brand loyalties or discover new brands entirely. We are moving away from relying on the big-name high-street brands to give us the quality we know we are used to and moving into a new era of supporting small local businesses.

With all this in mind, what are shoppers looking for now?

Local Businesses

Lockdown rules dictating that we can’t travel too far from our homes for non-essential reasons means that shoppers are looking closer to home. Shoppers are now supporting local business by choosing their local green grocers over their local supermarket. This change in behaviour may be out of convenience or an importance to save and protect the small businesses they feel are essential to their community.


At a time where we are all coming together as one and feeling like a community, shoppers are reconsidering who to give their money to each week. People are more inclined now to help real people who shares their values and put real care in producing their products.

A Marie Curie survey showed that 20% of shoppers want to shop with businesses that take care of their employees and support the causes they are passionate about. Causes that people surveyed were most passionate about included sustainable clothing and more eco-friendly packaging.

This shift in priorities may mean that shoppers are open to spending that little bit more if the business is more in-line with their ethics.


Before the pandemic, consumers hated the disconnect between themselves and the businesses they shop with – being put on hold for 20 minutes before being able to speak to an actual human, automated email replies to queries and an actual response a week later. More so than ever before, consumers want to know the brands they shop with and know that their heart is in the right place.

Large brands who have succeeded during the pandemic, such as supermarkets, should use their voice to speak out on topics they feel are important to their customers and put actions in place to make a positive change.

Shoppers are making a change and supporting their community, it is important for people to see the big companies who have made profit off the pandemic return the favour.