What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is content that remains relevant over long periods of time, whether that be months or even years after publication. Integrating evergreen content into your marketing strategy can lead to consistent traffic, leads and rankings for months to follow. Look at your content, will it still be relevant a year from now?

Evergreen content is not:

  • News articles
  • Time sensitive statistics
  • Current trends

Evergreen content should be detailed, informative and answer the questions of your audience. Your content should become the go-to resource; users should leave your content knowing exactly what they came to find out – if they don’t, your content isn’t in depth enough.

Evergreen content should:

  • Be well written and researched
  • Answer the user’s question
  • Have a stand out headline
  • Be formatted with images and headings so it is readable
  • Be written with SEO in mind
  • Be timeless

SEO Benefits of Evergreen Content

Evergreen content can be extremely beneficial to your SEO and help support your overall marketing strategy. Benefits of evergreen content on your SEO include:

  • Boost rankings for industry terms
  • Proves your knowledge
  • Increase site traffic
  • Google favours fresh, evergreen content
  • Consistent backlinks gains
  • Social shares

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