Social media has taken off in recent years and has become the main method of communication for both users and businesses alike.

For businesses, there are plenty of benefits of using social media platforms beyond keeping up with the latest memes and celebrity gossip.

In this article, we are going to discuss the three main benefits of using social media for business and why if your brand isn’t social, it’s time to get involved.

Faster & More Efficient Customer Service

Gone are the days of customers contacting a customer helpline on your website and waiting 24/48 hours to hear back, or picking up the phone just to sit on hold for half an hour with the hopes of an outcome.

Social media has been a massive game changer for customer service and opens your business up to a more efficient, streamlined way of dealing with customer enquiries and complaints.

Remember, social media customer service only works if you are actively monitoring your page and receiving notifications for incoming customer enquiries. If not, you may as well stick to what you know.

Organic Benefits

Whilst Google has confirmed that social media likes, favourites and shares do not directly impact rankings, there does seem to be a relationship between popularity on social media and better rankings.

Whilst you may not get SEO benefits in terms of backlinks, you will be able to showcase your brands content and services to other businesses/customers/marketers who may then decide to link to your website later on as they recognise your brand.

Get More Traffic

Social media platforms aren’t just there to complement other channels, they are great avenues for traffic in their own right! You can use social media to express your brand’s personality and persona, communicate with existing (and new) customers in a way you never could before.

There is no guarantee that customers keep coming back to your website to see what has changed with you and what new products/launches/updates are happening, so social media is a great way to shout your news from the rooftops!

Share your blog posts, new products, competitions and so much more directly into space where customers are following you because they WANT to stay up to date. By connecting with your social following, you should gain a steady stream of traffic as well as returning and new customers.

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