If you are a B2B company, it can be challenging to find a social media platform that works correctly for you and is worth investing advertising budget into. Social media giants Facebook and Twitter might not be able to provide you with the targeting your B2B business requires. If you are wanting to target businesses and professionals instead of consumers, LinkedIn offers unique targeting options to help you deliver the right messaging to the best audience.

The main benefits of advertising on LinkedIn are:

Advertise To Professionals

The difference between other social channels and LinkedIn is the audience. As a rule, the demographic of LinkedIn tends to be older, more educated professionals who in turn also have higher incomes. If you are a B2B company looking for a business professional in a specific industry, you can easily find your target audience on LinkedIn and know that you are spending your budget well and not wasting advertising budget on irrelevant users.

Fine Tune Your Targeting

To get the most out of your advertising budget, you want to fine tune your targeting options so that your ads are only shown to those you deem a potential client/customer. Other social media channels let you target users based on their interests and behaviour on the website, however, LinkedIn goes far beyond that to help you find the more relevant professionals based on their credentials. Some of the variables that LinkedIn enables you to target are:

  • Job role/function
  • Company name/size/turnover
  • Industry
  • Qualifications
  • Skills

Variety of Ad Types

Whilst LinkedIn does offer standard ad types such as sponsored posts and sidebar ads, they also provide unique ad types that have higher conversion rates. One of their most popular advertising methods is Sponsored InMail, putting your advertisement directly in their mail box! These message ads have been successful for many different types and sizes of businesses, with CTRs being a lot higher than standard email marketing campaigns. Lead ads are also a popular choice, making it easier for potential clients to enquire without adding the additional step of them visiting your website. If you’re looking to drive traffic to your website, this option isn’t for you.

Setting up LinkedIn ads can start increasing your conversion rates straight away! Do you have a LinkedIn page and want to start advertising? Get in touch to discuss set up.