How will the new (beta) Adwords feature benefit you?

This new feature concerns Ad suggestions, but before we look more closely at this, we need to ascertain what Ad suggestions actually are.

Ad suggestions give a variation to your existing Ad word text which can be useful for enhancing performance across social network campaigns.

There has been numerous research done into this and these studies have found that ad groups which have around 3 or more good quality ads can get as much as 15% more conversions or clicks (this is as long as ad rotation has been targeted and optimised.)

It kind of makes obvious sense, but the greater number of ads you can provide, this will give much better chance at pitching the ideal ad to each search user.

You will find Ad suggestions on the opportunities page which gives you the chance to look at these and either apply or dismiss them. You may notice that some Ad suggestions become auto applied – this means that after 2 weeks if no indication is given by the user whether they want them to appear, they will automatically become enabled and an appropriate tag will be shown to let you know to which ads this applies to.

You may be wondering what the advantages of Ad suggestions are? The main two reasons are that (1) a greater amount of time is saved when coming up with variations of your existing ads; (2) your ad copy is optimised.

Since Ad suggestions are only a beta programme at the moment, not everyone will be able to experience or have functional use with this. The important thing to remember is that you have full control over whether Ad suggestions appear or not. Even if they have been auto applied by Google, you can later override and turn this off. Pausing or editing the Ad suggestions are also further options available, so you can have a range of things to do with this feature.

How are they created?  

Ad suggestions are clever features because they are made through a mixture of machine learning and manual review by humans to bring the end result of good quality ad suggestions. These suggestions are made by drawing on relevant parts of your account – namely, landing pages, extensions, or existing ads. Other factors are also used by Google such as keywords to further enhance the Ad copy.

Have you had experience with Ad suggestions yet, or will this be a new feature you’ll come to try and love during 2018? If studies are near accurate and an extra 15% in conversions or clicks can be gained, this can only be good news for your PPC campaigns.

To find out more information on PPC including setup and management, visit our dedicated section now by clicking on the link.

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