How can YouTube shorts boost your social media presence?

Social platforms regularly change, expand and develop to meet the changing demands and needs of the audience. Some of you may know what this new feature by YouTube is already, whilst others may be hearing about this concept for the first time. Our latest article takes a closer look at YouTube shorts and considers some tips for getting the most out of them and how they can boost your social media presence.

What are YouTube shorts?

Just as the name suggests, YouTube shorts are all about short videos – generally 60 seconds or less. Many of you may think that there is little point to having a video this short as little can be learnt / gained from it, but research has proved that these are actually quite popular, with a way of grabbing someone’s attention. Further research conducted has also shown that videos do not need to be long either, to keep someone’s attention.

What is the need for YouTube shorts?

Anyone involved in production of films, videos or media, will know that it is quite a complex and refined task to make something successful. There are also issues with budget to consider along with equipment for the more enhanced media productions. YouTube shorts remove the need for all of this, and allow even people with relatively little experience to make short videos which are accessible to all. The aim is to show that you don’t need to be some kind of extra or film star in order to be able to promote your YouTube channel and social media platform generally. Depending on the video and what the product or service is about, studies have shown that YouTube shorts (and similar versions on other platforms) can bring in revenue as high as £10,000 per month. For something that is relatively quick and easy to make, this can have such a positive effect on traffic, conversions, and revenue.

What are some of the best tips to make your YouTube shorts video a success?

1) Although videos are designed to be around 60 seconds, if you can do it in less and still get your message across, this is fine.

2) As always with videos, appeal to your audience by using the correct style of address, language etc. Just because it is a short video does not mean the normal rules of filming don’t apply!

3) Split your videos into a structure, with an opening and closing remarks, and time for short discussion in the middle. Keeping to a strict schedule like this can help when time is limited.

4) Title your videos to give them the most appealing and informative description. Additions of captions and different text effects can also help. These will all help complement the video in a good way.

5) Ditch the music. Music can waste time in a 60 second video. It can also be hard when used at the end of a video, because it can appear as though the video has just been cut off. This doesn’t help with presentation and professionalism.

Are YouTube shorts worth the effort?

Yes! Extra traffic and revenue seem to be notable gains from this feature, and why would anyone not want to being that to their website or business? YouTube is obviously a well-known social media brand, and one which is well trusted. Investing time and resources in this therefore, is probably a safe bet. That said, shorts are not for everyone and results can vary depending on brand or business. The shorts feature looks here to stay for a while at least, so why not experiment with them to see whether you get results? There is nothing really to lose!

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