Google’s next face lift

To continue the raft of changes that seem to be happening lately, Google has announced and displayed its new logo. In addition to this search results on mobile devices are receiving a modification, along with “Now” cards too. More information and official statements about this can be viewed on the Google Search blog at this link.

The updates can be seen as a bigger drive and push to move even further forward with the brand and its structure. Of course when changes like this happen there will always be argument and disagreement with some preferring the older logos – this has probably started at an individual level with your own opinion let alone a wider audience!

With the above all in mind, there is a much bigger and deeper question at play here. What is Google trying to tell its audience by making this change? Companies often go through new designs and rebranding, but this not done for the fun of it. Many are of the view that alterations of this scale only occur when businesses are trying to keep up with competition and remain contemporary. Alternatively business models and strategies may change which also forces a review of branding.

When thinking about Google the answer is probably both. There has been an increase in usage and popularity of other search engines and as such Google has needed to keep pace with this. Secondly the diversity of search and search engines has and is constantly changing. Starting out on desktops, demand now extends to mobiles, tablets etc. The business model and target audience therefore has also shifted.

To the average person it does seem rather farfetched that redesigning a logo can simply change fortunes when it is the substance of the business that earns money and ultimately generates profits. This is also a very valid argument.

Taken as a whole, this seems to be one of many alterations which have occurred lately at Google (and the start of many in the near future for that matter!) If this is all part of a forward plan then this rebrand could work well – almost as a stamp of Google’s next phase of development and offering. It will be based on the success of this next phase as to whether the new logo is remembered positively or negatively.

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