Googles ‘gonna make ya a star’ (by accident)

This is precisely what happened to one Egyptian repairman!

The story goes that there appeared to be a quirk in Google’s algorithm procedure which allowed this man to appear right at the top of the first page. We all know that appearing high up on Google’s search rankings is important to any business, so this man must have been thrilled when he realised his luck was in! The bizarre thing about this is that no one actually knows the technical details of googles algorithms – not even experts or people who do it ‘properly.’ Therefore he was even more fortunate that it may first seem.

The power of SEO is shown very well by this example as the man’s comment since reports that his google plus page has received well over 5 million views coupled with the fact that the phone has been ringing constantly.

People have been trying to frantically dissect this story and see if there is a more specialist reason behind it, rather than an apparent stroke of luck. The best theory that can be offered focuses on the man’s google plus page. There appears to be a link, which in Arabic, is a google search for his name.

It sounds complicated and it surely seems that way. Without an official word from Google (which there seems not to have been) it is really impossible to know what actually happened, as it is just speculation. It does seem to be a very rare event however.

What has happened since?

The man (Saber-al-Toni) has become something of a celebrity. He has been asked to appear on TV, and even been offered work within the SEO world, as the industry tries to find out his secret and whether some of his good fortune can rub off onto them.

One thing is obvious however; surely all this extra publicity won’t go amiss!?

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